Breathing new life into a resort

QBE Fiji is insuring the construction of a new luxury resort, including a large number of guest rooms, villas, residential sites, and a stunning golf course at Momi Bay.

Located on the magnificent Coral Coast of Viti Levu, the project was originally earmarked to be a five-star resort. Excavations were carried out to reclaim a lagoon surrounded by man-made islands before work was stopped. With new investment flowing in, development of the luxury resort is now back on track.

QBE is providing support for the Momi Bay development with Contract Works cover for the US$170 million-plus project.

French Polynesia

Facilitating a smooth shopping experience

QBE insures all the large shopping centres and supermarkets in Tahiti, as well as a large number of smaller shopping outlets.

The most recent addition to the Tahitian retail landscape, Pacific Plaza, opened its doors in December 2014 close to Papeete’s residential area. Pacific Plaza houses one of the largest retail groups in the world, multiple boutique shops, a food court, and a multi-storey parking area. The Plaza has created full-time employment opportunities for the local population, giving the area a much-needed economic boost.

QBE French Polynesia provides Property, Business Interruption and Liability insurance to the shopping mall as well as a significant number of its tenants.

New Caledonia

Helping keep the lagoon clean

QBE provided insurance cover for the upgrading of a marine outfall for the discharge of nickel waste water.

With a sizeable share of the world’s nickel resources, New Caledonia is one of the largest nickel ore producers. It is also home to a beautiful reef and lagoon that is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The US$30 million upgrade project included the construction of a brand new underwater pipeline diffuser to replace the old outfall and minimise potential environmental risks.

QBE’s Contract Works and Construction Liability Insurance is helped keep the lagoon as a healthy and clean habitat for an amazing array of coral and fish species.

Papua New Guinea

Improving access to the airport

QBE insured a large road upgrade project, including a new flyover designed to improve access to the international airport.

Port Moresby saw a significant transformation with the construction of the Kumul four-lane flyover at Jackson’s International Airport, one of the largest projects in the region. This project included the upgrading of almost six kilometres of road connecting the capital city with the airport. This helped reduce traffic congestion, trim down travelling time and provide travellers and business people with an improved driving experience.

QBE’s Contractors’ All Risks insurance provided cover the US$100 million project.

Solomon Islands

Assisting with access to safe water

QBE provided insurance cover for the upgrade of the water supply network for two key townships: Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands; and Auki, the capital of Malaita province, which has the highest population in the country.

Honiara’s and Auki’s irregular water supply is now a thing of the past. Between 2012 and 2014, a Japanese Government aid programme financed a US$17.4 million project to provide safe, clean and easily available reticulated water to the two townships. The project has improved water services and the livelihoods of people in both areas.

QBE insured the construction project that included borehole drilling works, laying of water conveyancing pipelines and construction of water transmission pump stations, distribution reservoirs, and turbidity reduction facilities.


Invigorating local economic activity

QBE provided insurance cover for the rehabilitation of the most important road on Vanuatu’s main island.

Known as the 'Road of Life' locally, Efate’s ring road is a vital link for the economy of the country, providing village residents with better access to the health, business and retail services of Port Vila. It is the only road that connects coastal villages to the capital city.

Farmers can now reach the markets quicker and easier to sell their fresh produce to local shoppers as well as tourists who want to savour local distinctive fruit and vegies. Resort owners and tour operators are also reaping the benefits of a more reliable road through reduced travel time and lower vehicle operating costs.

QBE’s Contract Works policy provided covered the US$64 million rehabilitation project.